Pathway to Victory Daily Devotion

Pathway to Victory provides fantastic, Biblical teaching insight from Dr. Robert Jeffress 5 days a week through their Daily Devotion email. This email was particularly complicated, as we are passing the information via RSS from their website to Mailchimp. Since Mailchimp won’t accept custom RSS variables, we modified to pass custom fields as standard RSS, creating a seamless user experience. Post the Devotion on the website and it automatically sends to their entire subscriber base at 6am daily. Pretty cool!  Click here to sign up to receive the devotional.

BayLife Church Pastor Email

BayLife Church tasked us with another project… creating a simple to use email template from their senior pastor Mark Saunders.  First we created it in print for the non-techies, then converted it to a re-useable email template.  We added some cool calls to action at the bottom that are simple to update/change.  Click here to visit their website.

BayLife Church Newsletter

After we built the website for BayLife church, they were so happy with the design, they wanted to figure out a way to better communicate with their members and attendees on a weekly basis.  So we created a weekly bulletin preview newsletter.  The newsletter goes out on Thursday’s to get people excited about the weekend and upcoming events.  The list has grown by 300% in a little over a year.  Click here to visit their website.