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A high-energy, customer-friendly, visual marketing studio

A Visual Marketing Studio

Smart. Creative. Fast. Pretty. Affordable.

North of Wonderful is a small, growing agency in a world filled with small, growing agencies, or more commonly referred to, “boutique” agencies.  We could give you all of the same boutique agency jargon of, “we’re small because we want to be” or “we’re small so we can better serve you” or, our favorite, “we wanted to create an agency that’s different.”

The reality is North of Wonderful is the realization of a dream.  A dream to work for ourselves and work with clients that we love.  We believe there are a myriad of great agencies that deliver fantastic work, both big and “boutique.”  We think we’re one of them. We want to grow and we want to serve our clients well. In fact, our name represents what we want you to believe when you work with us—that your experience with our agency was better than great… or north of wonderful!  You can read more about why we chose our name by clicking here.

When we thought of how to express what we do, somewhere we saw the term visual marketing.  No, we didn’t invent the term.  But it accurately expresses what we are.  North of Wonderful is not the hipster anti-agency with a pinball machine in the office (do people really do more work while playing pinball?).  But we’re also not the mega-agency that charges $500/hr.  We’re a company that has roots in marketing and evolved into delivering the creative that goes with it.  We’ve been in the sales and marketing person’s shoes.  We understand that pretty does not always get results, but we know results will improve with the right messaging made pretty!  VISUAL MARKETING!

Ultimately, choosing an agency partner comes down to being comfortable that they can do the job well.  At North of Wonderful we believe in serving our clients better than they hoped for.  We believe in an old-fashioned work ethic.  We believe that keeping things simple serves everyone better. We believe in charging reasonable rates.  Most importantly, we believe that if you pay us to do something, you will always get our best effort performed with complete integrity.  Will we make mistakes?  Yes.  But we will own them and correct them.  We think that’s north of wonderful.

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Agency Love

"Thanks for letting me sleep at night, knowing that you've got things under control. Our agency wouldn't be able to do this without you!"

Non-profit Love

"I'm always amazed at your ability to turn complicated things into simple communication points... I lean on you to get things done more than just about anybody!"

Client Love

"We simply could not run our business without you. Not only are the website and brand materials you created amazing but your experience and leadership is so valued to our organization."