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It’s not easy to convince someone to part with their hard-earned money for little or no tangible product. If you’re a non-profit, you know this all too well.  At North of Wonderful, we’ve spent years supporting non-profits and their agencies.  We view our work with non-profits as a mandate to help fish and impact the world in a variety of ways.

While we don’t consult on fundraising or broadcast strategies, we’ve been in enough of those meetings to understand what they are all about.  Our goal is to bring your fundraising agency’s words to life on paper and on a screen… ultimately helping you generate lasting relationships with donors.

It’s no secret that most fundraising agencies outsource the creative work.  We want to be your dedicated creative partner.  No more shopping for the best price and hoping the creative turns out well.  Our work is affordable, while delivering reliable, beautiful creative that motivates your donors.  Because we also specialize in working with other agencies, most fundraising agencies love working in lock-step with us.

Our tool box is pretty large.  From direct mail design to websites to online / social media banners and ads to book layouts, we are able to help you communicate your message consistently across all of your major channels.

If you’re looking for a reliable, solid design partner that understands fundraising, look no further.  Let us help you fish!  Contact us to try us out on a project… your experience will be North of Wonderful!