Our new name… North of Wonderful!

North of Wonderful was conceived in a very thorough name discovery process. When it was first said, we liked the energy but acknowledged the incredible weight that comes with a name like that. In the modern agency naming world with names like Blue Taco* or Slippery Salamander* we recognize that using a non-traditional name is a bit cliche. And we’re not striving to be the new-aged, hipster agency with a cool name.

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I’m an agency, won’t you steal my clients?

When we talk with other agencies about working for them, usually the first step is to sign a non-compete.  Of course, that’s not a problem for us, but we understand that what is really being asked is, “are you going to try and steal my clients?”  Many businesses have been burned in the past by employees taking clients or other businesses poaching their best accounts… so we get it.  The answer for us is – we’re not interested in taking your clients.

Yes, we do work with some business and organizations directly, but that just tends to happen based on our internal network.  Our top channel of growth has come from partnering with agencies that have excellent sales teams and over-worked production teams.  Sound familiar?

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