I’m an agency, won’t you steal my clients?

When we talk with other agencies about working for them, usually the first step is to sign a non-compete.  Of course, that’s not a problem for us, but we understand that what is really being asked is, “are you going to try and steal my clients?”  Many businesses have been burned in the past by employees taking clients or other businesses poaching their best accounts… so we get it.  The answer for us is – we’re not interested in taking your clients.

Yes, we do work with some business and organizations directly, but that just tends to happen based on our internal network.  Our top channel of growth has come from partnering with agencies that have excellent sales teams and over-worked production teams.  Sound familiar?

Friends, family, and even our other direct clients ask us why we don’t try to eliminate the mark-up and go chasing more direct relationships.  It sounds great, but in business, that comes with a cost.  There’s a cost to directly managing or acquiring clients, and for us, it’s a better strategy to acquire client’s who have lots of clients.  Wow, that’s a lot of use of the word clients.  Beyond that, we’ve noticed that most of the super-cool, high-budget work we get to do is from our agency clients.  It keeps us energized while doing new, exciting things in a bunch of different markets for a bunch of big-named organizations.

There’s some drawbacks… like you can’t see a lot of the really neat things we’ve done because we don’t get to share it in our portfolio.  But, rather than bragging about award-winning work we did for another agency, we get the satisfaction of actually doing the work and seeing the results.  To us, that’s more than enough.

So if your agency has too much work to handle – give us a call or shoot us a note.  We’ve got scalable bandwidth to help you better server your clients!