Our new name… North of Wonderful!

North of Wonderful was conceived in a very thorough name discovery process. When it was first said, we liked the energy but acknowledged the incredible weight that comes with a name like that. In the modern agency naming world with names like Blue Taco* or Slippery Salamander* we recognize that using a non-traditional name is a bit cliche. And we’re not striving to be the new-aged, hipster agency with a cool name.

However, as more names were written down in a think tank, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we loved the promise of being north of wonderful. After all, who doesn’t love to say the word wonderful… it just evokes a nice feeling.

But… the promise of the name. Being better than great… Can we live up to it? Will people think we’re arrogant? Maybe and probably, but in the end, it doesn’t matter.

We wanted a name that promised what we are striving to be. Can we live up to being north of wonderful 100% of the time? No. The fact is, at some point, we’re going to make a mistake that doesn’t feel wonderful. When it happens we will acknowledge it and correct it. We believe that if someone pays us to do something, they’ll get our best effort performed with full integrity. We think in today’s world, that’s pretty wonderful!

We hope you like the name. We know it’s easy to type and easy to say. Plus, it looks pretty cool on a t-shirt!

*Apologies Blue Taco or Slippery Salamander if this is a real agency and you feel offended. We applaud your bold spirit in naming your agency, but we just think it’s a crazy name!